The Chilean Salmon Cooking Academy

Welcome to the Chilean Salmon Cooking Academy – a place to find easy to follow instructional videos for cooking our salmon. Each video “lesson” is focused on a single cooking method and features simple ingredients and utensils. Our goal is to help you master how to cook salmon. After watching the videos, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link to access our library of excellent recipes. Enjoy and be sure to tag #chileansalmon when you post the delicious results to social media.


Pan searing is a dry, high temperature, conductive cooking method where food is placed directly on a lightly oiled piping hot pan until golden brown. This video shares a step by step lesson for searing Chilean Salmon to perfection.

Take two and a half minutes to watch the video. Enjoy!

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Grilling is a dry, high-temperature, radiant cooking method where food is placed on a rack or grate above the heat source. The ideal salmon cuts for grilling are thicker, fattier, and have the skin on. Center cut Chilean Salmon steaks are nutritious, delicious, and have all these qualities.

Take three minutes and watch the video for more information. Enjoy!

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Many grocery retailers sell whole salmon. However, few consumers know how to butcher a whole salmon and cut proper portions. This five-minute video provides step by step instructions for breaking a whole salmon down into portions. Give it a try but take your time and be careful with your knives. Don’t be intimidated. Enjoy!

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Chilean salmon is raised in the pure Antarctic waters of coastal Patagonia. As stewards of this remarkable ecology, we proudly produce high-quality salmon using environmentally responsible and sustainable aquaculture. We are farmers dedicated to performing with honesty and integrity, and in the best interests of consumers, our members, our employees, and the environment. Thank you for being part of our community.

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