About The Chilean Patagonia

The Promise of Patagonia

Chilean salmon is raised in the pure Antarctic waters of coastal Patagonia. As stewards of this remarkable ecology, Salmón de Chile proudly produces high-quality salmon using environmentally responsible and sustainable aquaculture. We are farmers committed to performing with honesty, integrity, and in the best interest of consumers, our members, employees, and the environment. This is our promise: a conscious and sustainable collaboration between nature and nurture.

We commit to:

  • Producing high quality, healthy and nutritious salmon. 

  • Preserving the pristine territory and supporting the communities of our homeland, the Chilean Patagonia.

  • Ensuring the wellness of our salmon and treating our fish with the greatest care.

  • Using the highest processing standards, employing talent throughout the value chain.

  • Assuring consistent availability to deliver high-quality salmon year-round.

The Promise of Patagonia means …

“bringing a healthy and nutritious product to the plate of U.S. consumers that has been farmed in a sustainable way, a responsible way.”

Ricardo Garcia
Chairman, CSMC
CEO, Salmones Camanchaca

“a combination of the most clear, pristine waters with huge landscapes…. We have the mountains near the sea, huge fjords, and everything is natural.”

Arturo Clement
Founding Board Member, CSMC
President & CEO, SalmonChile

“everything we do today takes into account what future generations are going to have because we want to pass on this industry and this beautiful place of Patagonia to the future generations.”

Luis Bustos
Board Member, CSMC

“a declaration of what we will always be taking care of. Producing high quality salmon, taking care of the environment, taking care of the people who work in the industry.”

Melanie Whatmore
Marketing Manager, CSMC