About The Chilean Patagonia

Why Patagonia?

The Chilean Patagonia is the beautiful southern region of South America, bordered by the Andes mountains, filled with 11 million acres of national park lands, and stretching 2,700 miles along the Pacific Ocean.

The cold, clear waters of one of the most pristine places on earth have spawned a renewed commitment and a forward-thinking form of aquaculture from people who are proud to raise sustainable salmon perfect for the modern palate’s preference for healthier fare.

As stewards of this remarkable ecology and growers of a healthy food system for this and future generations, we are privileged to know first-hand the positive results of a conscious collaboration between nature and nurture.

Chilean salmon growers proudly produce high-quality salmon, providing a thriving source of protein for a growing worldwide population. We believe that responsible aquaculture is the future of marine proteins, and we commit to developing and operating the most efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable model possible. We understand that this requires continuous, measurable improvement in our aquacultural practices and mindful preservation of the natural resources in this beautiful region of the world.

Chilean salmon is prized for delivering the consistent quality chefs seek and the mild, creamy taste consumers crave. Learn more about our 100% Patagonian-grown salmon and our bio-sensitive objectives and achievements throughout this site.