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Salmon Farming Fundamentals

Chilean salmon growers employ cutting-edge technology and innovation, deep experience, scientific principles and public-private partnerships to deliver fresh, healthy and responsibly raised salmon straight from the crystal-clear waters of the Chilean Patagonia—some of the purest waters in the world.

Our process is governed by a shared understanding that responsible farming practices are vital to the health of our oceans and our industry. As such, we strive to exceed the most demanding national and international quality, food safety, environmental, and occupational health and safety standards.

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1. Brookstock Management

Broodstock, or adult-spawning salmon, provide the healthiest eggs that are carefully selected for the next generation of fish. Once the ova have been fertilized by adult salmon, the eggs (called roe) are checked to ensure they will grow into healthy fish. The roe are then moved to a hatchery for a two-month incubation period.

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2. Freshwater Rearing

Throughout the next year, specialized land-based freshwater recirculating hatcheries provide a safe and secure environment with around-the-clock supervision and sustainable feed. After undergoing a process called smoltification—or the grand change—the salmon become smolts able to naturally adapt to conditions of higher salinity and stronger currents, and are now ready for the sea.

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3. Saltwater Rearing

Once in the strong currents of their new saltwater home, the smolts continue to be fed a high-quality diet. They grow quickly from a quarter pound to more than 2 pounds in just 6–8 months. The salmon are raised in these ocean-based farm sites for up to 18 months. Upon reaching their target weight, they are harvested.

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4. Harvest and Processing

The farmed Chilean salmon are carefully selected and loaded into well boats, or totes, that contain clean seawater keeping fish healthy while they are delivered to processing facilities. There, they are humanely processed under strict sanitary conditions, graded for quality and size, and packaged in preparation for transport to market.

Did you know?

Even after a farm is established in the Chilean Patagonia, the cold saltwater environment is carefully monitored. Farmers and veterinarians with advanced equipment check for temperature, oxygen and stocking density daily to ensure optimal conditions.

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