Crispy Chilean Salmon Corn Dog

1.25 hours | Serves 6 | Ingredients | Equipment | Preparation


Salmon Ingredients:

For the salmon dog:

18 oz.               Salmon trim (belly or tail), fresh or frozen, boneless, skin removed, fat line removed

3 oz.                 Egg whites, about 3-4 large eggs

1 tsp.                Sesame oil

2 oz.                 White soy sauce aka Shiro dashi (available online from Asian specialty stores)

2 oz.                 Heavy whipping cream

7ea.                  Nori sushi sheets (7.5 x 8”) (available online from Asian specialty stores)

For the batter:

5 ½ oz.             Whole eggs, about 3 large

3 oz.                 Gochujang paste (available online from Asian specialty stores)

10 oz.               Whole milk

1 Tsp                Salt, kosher

1 tsp.                Baking powder

4.5 oz.              Granulated sugar

2 oz.                 Cornmeal, fine ground

13 ½ oz.           Bread flour

For frying:

3 qt.                 Peanut Oil (or other oil suitable for high temp frying)


Food processor, rubber spatula, offset spatula, plastic wrap, butcher’s twine, 6 ea. bamboo skewers, Sous vide bath, colander or perforated utensil to weigh down the salmon, spider.

Method of Preparation

Preheat your sous vide bath to 140 °F / 60 °C.

Place salmon trim, egg whites, oil, soy, and cream in the food processor. Blend until smooth.

Measure out ½ cup portions of the salmon purée on a greased plate (6-7 in total).

Gently spread one portion of the salmon purée on a nori sheet to about ½” from all edges. Roll and set aside. Continue until you have six rolls or “dogs”.

Pull a sheet of plastic wrap onto a countertop. Place a salmon nori roll at the edge of the plastic. Roll the salmon tightly in plastic, two times around and poke holes with a toothpick or skewer, pull tight to remove air bubbles, and repeat this a second time with another sheet of plastic.

Twist the ends tight and tie them off on each side with butcher’s twine.

Place into the sous vide water bath and cook for 30 min.

Once cooked chill in ice water for another 30 min.

While chilling heat your pot of frying oil to 375 °F / 191 °C.

Prepare the batter just before you are ready to fry. Mix eggs with chili paste until smooth, add milk and the rest of the dry ingredients, and mix until smooth.

Unwrap salmon dogs and insert wooden skewer to the center. Dip and fully coat the dog one at a time and fry. Don’t fry more than 3 at a time. This will take about 5-6 min to reach a golden brown color. Transfer to a dry paper towel to cool for a couple of minutes.

Serve them up with your favorite mayo – we recommend kewpie – as well as hoisin and chili sauce (available online and from Asian specialty stores).

Note: This recipe is technical, but the “dogs” can be made days in advance to make the day of serving a lighter lift.

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