Olive Oil Poached Chilean Salmon

45 Minutes | Serves 4 | Ingredients | Equipment | Preparation


For the Salmon

4                  ea.              Salmon Fillets, center cut (16 oz total, thawed, skin removed, 4 ounces each, 1 inch thick)

4                 oz.              Olive Oil

1                  sprig          Thyme

1                  sprig          Tarragon

1                  ea.              Shallot, small in size, quartered

½                oz.              Salt

¼                 oz.              Black pepper, fresh cracked


Spice Rub

¼                 oz.              Pink Peppercorns, toasted, rough chopped

¼                 oz.              Fennel Pollen

¼                 oz.              Maldon Salt

Pinch         Orange zest, dehydrated


Petit Salad

2                  oz.              Olive Oil

1                  oz.              Pea Tendrils

1                  oz.              Red Radish, sliced paper thin

¼                 oz.              Salt

Pinch         Black pepper, fresh cracked

Pinch         Fresh chives, sliced paper thin


Medium Sized Pot and induction cooker for poaching (or sous vide cooker), Medium Bowls, Spatula, Small Mandolin, Cutting Board

Method of Preparation

Season both sides of each of the 4 ounce salmon filets with salt and pepper and place inside a plastic bag with olive oil, thyme, tarragon, and shallot. Squeeze out air and seal.

In a 140 F water bath, cook salmon until it reaches an internal temperature of 105

Remove salmon from bag and place on large plate lined with paper towels to drain oil. Pat dry. Season heavily with the spice Hold at room temperature.

Combine ingredients for petit salad and toss. Taste, adjust seasoning.

Place on salmon fillet on plate with petite salad as garnish. Drizzle with olive oil. Serve.

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