Panini Grilled Chilean Salmon with Furikake and Gochugaru

20 Minutes | Serves 4 | Ingredients | Equipment | Preparation


Salmon Ingredients:

20           oz.          Skin-on Chilean Salmon Fillets cut into 4ea., 5 oz. portions (roughly 1 inch thick)

(we prefer portions that include part of the belly flap)

1             oz.          Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper as needed


Sushi Rice Base:

1             oz.          Furikake Seasoning (2 Tbsp.)

1             oz.          Gochugaru Pepper (2 Tbsp.)

1             oz.          Scallions, sliced thin (2 Tbsp.)

2             Cups       Sushi Rice, cooked and seasoned (or cooked plain white rice)

4             ea.          Nori Sheets


Miso Butter:

4             oz.          Butter, softened

1             oz.          Red Miso Paste

1             oz.          Fresh Lime Juice (2 tsp.)


  • Panini Grill, Spatula, Small Food Processor, Small Metal Spoons, Serving Plates.

Method of Preparation

  1. Rub Chilean Salmon portions with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Preheat Panini Grill on medium high until hot, place salmon fillet on grill, skin side down. Close grill and cook for 8 minutes.
  3. While salmon is cooking, place butter into small food processor and add miso paste and lime juice. Pulse until blended and smooth.
  4. Trim each Nori sheet to fit serving plate. Top with cooked rice.
  5. When salmon is cooked, remove from Panini grill and place on top of cooked rice.
  6. Spoon 1 ounce of Miso butter on to each of the fillets. Sprinkle ¼ ounce (approximately 1 tsp) each of Furikake, Gochugaru, and sliced scallion onto each fillet. Enjoy!

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