Tajin Seasoned Chilean Salmon

45 minutes | Serves 4 | Ingredients | Equipment | Preparation


Salmon Ingredients:

4 ea.                 Chilean salmon fillets, 3 ounces each, boneless, skin removed,

1 tsp.                Tajin Seasoning (a seasoning blend of dried chiles, lime, and sea salt)

1 oz.                 Olive Oil


Carrot Fennel Salad:

1 oz.                 Olive oil

6 oz.                 Carrots, washed, peeled, sliced

6 oz.                 Fennel, washed, shaved thin

1 oz.                 Jalapeno pepper, diced fine

½ oz.                Rice Wine Vinegar

Salt, pepper to taste


Cilantro Lime “Pesto”:

1 bc.                 Cilantro (rinsed)

2 oz.                 Olive Oil

1 tsp.                Salt, kosher

1 ea.                 Lime, juiced – save juice for pesto


Sandwich Base:

1 ea.                 French Bread – split, cut into 3 inch lengths, toasted

2 oz.                 Shaved Radish – seasoned with salt and pepper

1 cup.               Baby Salad Greens – washed


Blender, small bowls, cooking spray, cast iron pan, medium sized sauté pan (for carrots), toaster oven, spatula, serving spoons

Method of Preparation

With the skin side down, season the salmon fillets with Tajin powder, rub with olive oil.

Place cast iron pan over medium heat – lightly coat with kitchen spray.

Place salmon in pan skin-side up and brown.

While salmon is cooking, place olive oil in sauté pan over medium heat. Add carrots, fennel, and jalapeno and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Place cover on pan and turn off heat. Allow to carry-over cook. Once cool, add rice wine vinegar. Taste and adjust with salt and pepper.

Place cilantro, olive oil, lime, and salt in a blender and pulse until smooth. Add a small amount of water if required to get the mixture to blend. Once smooth, taste, adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.

To serve, place toasted French bread on plate. Top with baby greens and shaved radishes. Place salmon on top of radishes, skin side toward bread – to form an open-face sandwich. Spoon carrot and fennel salad onto plate as an accompaniment. Drizzle salmon with cilantro pesto and serve.

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