Wood Grilled Chilean – Salmon Strawberry Salsa

1 hour cure, 15 minute cook | Serves 4 | Ingredients | Equipment | Preparation


Salmon Ingredients:

24           oz.          Chilean Salmon Fillets (skin on, 4 portions, 6 ounces each)

1             tsp.         Salt

1             tsp.         Sugar

1             oz.          Olive Oil


Strawberry Salsa:

1             pt.          Ripe Fresh Strawberries, stems, hulls removed, quartered

1             ea.          Garlic Clove, peeled, minced

2             oz.          Diced Celery, including leaves

2             oz.          Rice Wine Vinegar

2             oz.          Olive Oil

½            tsp.         Merken* Pepper (or dried Chipotle powder)

Salt and Pepper to taste


Small glass bowls, spoons, knife, cutting board, wood grill, spatula

Method of Preparation

Dust the salmon fillets with salt and sugar and allow to cure for 1 hour. Rinse in ice cold water, pat dry, brush with olive oil in prep for grilling.

Preheat grill until coals are medium ember (partially burned and glowing red).

Combine strawberries, garlic, celery, vinegar, olive oil, Merken pepper and taste. Adjust with salt and pepper.

Rub grill grate with paper towel blotted with olive oil. Place salmon skin side up on grate and grill for 2-3 minutes until dark golden and lightly charred. Turn salmon (skin side down) and cook 4-5 minutes on cool side of grill.

To serve, place salmon fillet skin side down on plate and spoon strawberry salsa over the top. Enjoy!

Note:     *Merken Pepper is a dried, smoked Capsicum Annuum pepper unique to Chile and produced by indigenous Mapuche communities.

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